Post Link Image is not showing on Facebook – How to Fix it?


|Solve Missing “Og: Image “, “og:description” information

If you are reading this article then maybe you are with the issue same as me while you are trying to share your website’s post link on facebook, the image or thumbnail is not showing on Facebook or your post title or description is not showing on the Facebook page.

If you are looking for the answer to one of those question, you are at the right place –

My Facebook link image is not showing, How to fix it!?

Facebook link preview not working?

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How to Fix When Sharing Posts?

Facebook scrape is providing “missing og: image” even though it is set. 

If your Post’s link image is not showing or title and description is not showing when you are trying to share your post, It can be pretty frustrating. … If the image from the webpage you’re posting doesn’t automatically appear.

For solving these kinds of issues you need to first go to Facebook’s Debugger Tool.

Now Paste your post or article link you want to see the preview of how your post will look like on facebook and click on Debug button. You’ll get lots of information including when and how the URL was scraped by Facebook crawlers and will show you all FB open graph meta tags details like your image URL, Title, Description, Tags, Author, Date, etc.

You maybe get one of these warnings after scarping –

Inferred Property: The “Og: Image” property should be explicitly provided. Even if a value can be inferred from other tags.

Inferred Property: The “Og: URL” property should be explicitly provided.

Inferred Property: The “Og: Description” property should be explicitly provided.

Method one

The First Method: The easiest way to fix them is by using the plugins like Facebook Open Graph or . These plugins will help you sure your image that you want to be displayed will stay there in the right position, by making sure Facebook gets all the required information or right OG tags.

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Method Two

The second method you can try to resize your featured image. One of the reason if your image is not showing because of your image size is not high resolution. Change your featured image size and try again. Maybe it will help you and resolve it.

Method Three

The Third Method: It may sometimes come us with the new updates of wordpress plugins. The same problem occurs in the year 2017, I have read so many webpages in that year handling these problems after they get an update of Yoast .

I am posting this article because I was using the same problem with my wordpress after I updated my Yoast SEO plugin. My current Yoast SEO version is 11.7.0 and I have faced the same thing with that version.

This maybe occurs because wordpress plugins after updated they will use the updated files and things and facebook and other medias crawlers don’t understand those updated files that our websites are using. so that leads to these problems.

Try to uninstall this plugin and re-install it again. Maybe that will work.

Method Four

The fourth method you can try with your W3 Total Cache Plugin. Untick the Minify HTML setting in the wordpress or just deactivated the plugin.

W3 Total Cache plugin will sometimes cause a lag in your website and drive it slow. After deactivating this again check your website’s post URL that it now shoeing your thumbnail or not.

This method worked for me to solve my URL Sharing Issue on Facebook pages. After deactivating this plugin I also got a speed-up boost in opening my website pages.

Fifth Method

The fifth method is very easy but it has some problem. You can create your post image manually by uploading your own image with the link. the lag in this method is that once you click on the image the image will open not the URL page on the browser.

If those methods still don’t work than you can watch one of these related videos –


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In this video we will Fix Error The Following Required Properties Are Missing: Fb: App_id Yoast plugin. My post featured images are not showing or working in facebook page after sharing.

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In this video, we’ll show you how to with the Plugin for WordPress.

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If you guys are still facing issue then just delete every plugin step by step and see what works. If that thing also doesn’t work then look more in Google searches and try to find your particular problem.

Thanks for reading this whole article and you can comment down below if it helps you out with your problem. If not then describe your problem. I will look more ahead.