Make Happy New Year 2020 Script Page Step by Step in Blogger

Hello guy, In this post, we will see how you can make Wishing Script Page. By this, you can earn huge amount of money through Adsense.

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How To Make Happy New Year 2020 Page Script in  

Well, I won’t gonna waste your more time. So let’s get started –



Are you seeing this? This is how the script will work on mobile. 
For Making this Page you Will Need some things 

Requirements For Making Happy New Year 2020 Scrip Page

First, you need a Short Url .tk, .cf, .qw etc but make sure you have “Happy New Year” something tag in your URL to get rank on Google search engines. Plus it is easy to remember and share for people on WhatsApp or Facebook Pages. 

  • So Firstly A short 3rd URL as .tk, .cf, .qw or you can use Top level domain also. It’s your choice basically.
  • Then You need a Blogger Page.
  • Third, you need a fully approved Adsense account.
  • A little Knowledge of

Well, that’s all you need to make a wishing new year script page.

How to Make Happy New Year 2020 Whatsapp Script Page Step by step in blogger 

To Make this script page, You need some Files to Download – 
Well, I won’t Give you free but it is free actually. On Clicking “Download Script Content” option will go to a new page where you have to wait for some time and after a few seconds, you will see the option to go on Google Drive.


 Download all Those contents and upload them all in your New year Blogger account by creating a post.  Don’t Publish them just save them. 

Step 2

Now Go to the blogger Theme Section and Click on Setting Image just below mobile Page. 
Where you have to select this option ” No, Show Desktop Theme on Mobile Devices.” This is a really important step cause if you won’t do this step then The Wishing script page won’t show on a mobile device when you’re gonna enter your URL in address bar.

Step 3 

After selecting this you need to Go to the THEME section in your blogger again and go to the ” REVERT TO CLASSIC THEME “


After that, you will see some HTML codes of the old theme. Clear all the theme.
Now, Open the Index.Html file that you have downloaded from google drive, in Notepad. Copy all the Source HTML Codes and Paste it into Your Blogger Theme HTML Code Section. 

Step 5 

Now you need to change the source picture’s URL. For this, Open the pictures one by one in a new tab and copy the URL written in the Browser bar and Paste in the source HTML codes. They should look like this – 

Step 6 

Now you can edit it according to your mind and creativity. Paste the fully Approved Adsense Code mentioned area. 

Step 7 

Check your wishing script on the desktop as well as mobile. 
Now, this share on WhatsApp or Facebook Page or Messengers and Earn an Unlimited amount of money you never can imagine that. 
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Step by Step making of Happy New Year 2020 Whatsapp Script Page 

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