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           Mia Khalifa is an American P*rn-,  born on 10 February 1993 in Beirut, Lebanon later she moved to the Miami, Florida, United States with her family in the year 2000.

Nick Names: Mia, Mia Callista

Birth: Lebanon

Bra Size: 34E

Age: 25 Years

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Hair Color: Brown

Mini Bio and Carrier:

          In a youngster age, Mia Khalifa moved to Montgomery County, Maryland and went to Northwest High School and completed studies. A couple of years later she moved with a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Texas at El Paso.

Mia Khalifa SHankystuffzmedia

         Mia has married an American youth in Feb 2011. Her husband told on her business that She is coming into this business because she is living in another country and the culture of that country.
        Mia wants to leave this Porn business because her family and country people do not support also hate this business. 

            October 2014, She stepped into the p*rnography movies and by the end of December, Mia was at the number 1 ranked performer on the website Pornhub.

       Mia Khalifa used to work in a restaurant earlier. She has also worked in escorts service for like a business.

Mia Khalifa SHankystuffzmedia


Mia Khalifa Networth in 2018 Forbes

According to FORBES, Mia Khalifa net worth in 2018 is around $4 Million US Dollars.

Mia Khalifa Relationship

           Currently, Mia has a boyfriend name, Robert Sandberg. She is making food with him, Sharing her hot with him on her Instagram, Twitter and other social profiles.
Robert Sandberg, Chef from Sweden living in America

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Twitter: @miakhalifa

The DC Sports Girl Lebanese-American-Cylon Business Inquiries:



Have you gotten your official Mia K calendar yet? We still have some left and are shipping internationally! https://t.co/7fhCIlk5TW pic.twitter.com/ME96PFYzP8

— Mia K. (@miakhalifa) December 14, 2018

Instagram: #MiaKhalifa

Food. Sports. Travel. Lebanese-American-Cylon. Snapchat: Management: @jerfsolo Austin, TX

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