OddNaari – What is Oddnaari? A Website Especially for Women


In the social media and website world, we have plenty of various websites running just to double their income and money but it is also true that in this modern new world still, so many websites are working for good reasons, for creating a change in the society and world, a man and woman thinking, as a light for a blind guy.

is one in those websites who are working in a good direction, creating a change into the human society, in the religion, old tradition, people thinking.

Oddnaari – A Website especially for Women

What is Oddnaari?

Oddnaari is a Woman, who asks a question, A Woman, who do not ignore seeing things happening in the world, Who can be daughters, wives, mothers, and women before they flow, Who have proud of ourselves. A woman who was proud of her studies, her work, her struggles in life. She loves herself, she loves her bodies, whether If she is fat, thin or full of stains. Who write new luck with menstrual blood.

A Woman, who gives new life with our blood and milk. A Woman who do love, hate, make mistakes, learn from those mistakes, everyone is Oddnari.

Oddnaari is website especially for , Events, News, Women Opinions, Reviews, Fashion, , Relationship and .

OddNaari is for the new age modern girl. It is one unstoppable resource for strong, independent women of the world, who want to stay updated on everywhere as beauty tips, fashion trends, dating, fitness, weight loss, world news, celebrities, sex, and relationships, or health.

A woman at home: Women Problems

What is in ?

Oddnaari website is especially for women and also for men who want to change in society and for this change they want to do something. Those who are sure that they can bring equality in society.

Today’s woman is struggling more in their life. She is trying to identify herself in the responsibilities between home, family, and office, sometimes like a daughter or daughter-in-law, sometimes as a or a mother.

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She fights for herself, she loves his loved ones but she also loves his freedom. Sometimes locked in the small room of a house, sometimes in a new city far from home, she is searching for herself. People tease her on the road, but she does not break and still make her steps forward with no fear. She is a little crazy, her mood sometimes gets spoiled. It is a little confusing. But that is what it is. She loves herself.

But the woman does not go through these problems alone. There are people all around him who place the responsibility of being a male on the man. Those who consider eunuchs as evil. Who does not find homosexuals their own? Oddnaari website is the voice of all of them, everyone’s true friend, Specially for a woman.

OddNaari aka कूल कन्या से मिलिए

6 कूल कन्याएं aka ऑडनारी वापस आ गई हैं, इस बार हिंदी में. पढ़िए, पढ़ाइए, ढेरों वीडियोज देखिए, आलोचना करिए. मगर गाली न दीजिएगा क्योंकि वो गंदी बात होती है. 🙂 #OddNaari

OddNaari यांनी वर पोस्ट केले मंगळवार, १ मे, २०१८

Why Odddnari?

Because women are not just some faces or bodies. She also likes to keep an eye on worldliness with beauty tips, whether it is world news, sports, or politics. A woman can know everything – from cinema to science. Any woman can write here, ask questions and find their solutions.

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How to Contact Oddnaari?

Oddnaari Address: Oddnaari, Today Mediaplex, FC-8, Film City, Sector 16-A Noida, - 201301

Oddnaari’s Phone: 0120-4807178

you can also Email: womoddnaari@gmail.com

OddNaarilatest news about women’s lifestyle, opinions, reviews in Hindi and also provides tips on women’s health, fashion relationship and how to .

Oddnaari is doing is a marvelous fantabulous work in changing the society, thinking and inspiring people to become a good human. A Big Salute to the Oddnaari team members. Vande Mataram… Jai Hind!!!

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