What should a father do if the son is willing to leave the house at the end of a girl's affair?

You asked: What should a father do if the son is willing to leave the house at the end of a girl?

(Question-What should a father do If a son is ready to leave home for a girl?)

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I think, after an age, every parent must be worried about it, and I will try to answer your question. For that, you have to have a little patience to read my answer. I will first tell you two true events and then tell you what and what the parents and the children should not have been doing. I was a girl of those who know. Both the parents were in good government jobs and the daughter was very much educated, PhD-less and just a step away from making her career a good one. In the meantime, she was seduced by a boy. Both of them were hiding hidden and one day suddenly the girl ran away with the boy. Sure, the whole world came to an end because of your parents. He left behind a letter, saying that I was running away from my marriage and was soon married and will come to seek blessings. I knew their parents very close and had not eaten anything for 3 days, they were not sure that their girl could take such a step. On that day, I saw the uncle crying bitterly. Now listen to the boy's background, as in the twelfth, when the computer was the operator. In the same way, if the job is not there, the girl at home teaches at a private college. As a child, the father took his own, but he was never happy with the boy. The second anecdote says, "The one who was a boy came to me with a problem. She told her that she liked a girl, both like each other and want to get married, but she has no guts to tell the family. First of all, I called both and explained to them one thing – both with a good job. Both have listened to me, and in the preparations, both in a year's hard work, both in the marriage of the Bank, p. O. . You would not believe that in the meantime, the two hardly met each other 1-2 times. After the job became a solid job, I spoke to both of the parents together and told them the whole story. They were not convinced that their children could do so. Both of them were happily married, and today both are happy. Now come to your question: In the previous story, the girl could have made a very good career with her PhD, she could have been a government professor and could also go ahead with other exams, but she was able to put water at all. I am not against love marriage, I am just "hasty and foolish." The "Love" at that time was a bad omen, and he was deceived by the boy, and he has been a regretable today. The boy and the girl did not belong to each other-it is understood today, but the marriage and the baby were both. The boy is not able to speak, not to wear clothes, and from where to stay at home all day. In the second story, The boy and the girl showed understanding, and first made each other so that the mother and father had no reason to reject their love and that too. When children are well-off, what are the enemies of the father who will make them feel? Most children think that parents do not understand their relationship and take steps like "flee", "Leave Home". I would like to tell all those children — parents are not your enemies, they are your most cynical. Don't be fooled by the parents, most of the time you know and see everything you do, just don't interrupt you again. First of all, when you are on your feet, love marriage, no more days without money, a conversation with a parent is important. If you like someone, tell them and talk to them. Do not treat yourself as a cook Khan, many times, the father can solve your years of problems with an eyelid. Girl Don't take a boy's face and flee home! You are the stars of the father's eyes and you will be heartbroken by your move. What will you eat in the zeal of youth today when it comes to hunger tomorrow? Remember, love fills the stomach with no fills. I would like to say to your parents: talk to your children, open up and discuss. People often make the mistake that they don't listen to or listen to their children. Where you have to be hard, be hard, not just hit your child's voice, but listen to it. If you have heard his decision without hearing it, it will have a wrong effect on him. That is why most children hide things from their parents. Lovingly explain to your child that the future is not just in love, first encourage him to stand on his feet and guide him. Do not show a child's anger or take a hand. To like someone is not a sin, but it is a sin to ruin your life in that affair. You deserve to be first, stand on your feet, brighten up the name of your parents, then bless your "girlfriends" with your parents ' blessings. Marry the Boyfriend ". If you appreciate the answer, you must share so that more and more people can read it and change the mindset of the child as well as your parents. Thank you very much for giving your time to read

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