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Can we do a short talk about the ’S most controversial movie? Which is lead by a woman. Don’t worry if you haven’t watched this movie, then i promise, I won’t spoil anything.

People started hating on the movie because of a lot of things, such as the lack of emotions showed by Brie in the trailers, or cause she hated white males, supposedly.

Fortunately ”Captain Marvel” became the biggest opening for a woman-led movie and the second- biggest debut for a Super Hero movie, right behind “: Infinity War” despite the efforts of trolls intent on sabotaging the film.


Now after the movie launched in theatre, the movie has come out a lot of people dislike it, and I respect that, but in my opinion, the movie isn’t that bad. Even though I don’t consider it as one of the best MCU movies but it was enjoyable. role as Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel is amazing, I never doubted her acting skills but I wish the screenplay had let her show more her talent.

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Another good thing about the film is the chemistry between Danvers and Fury. Both characters shine every time they are on the screen, mostly when they are with Goose and I loved that. Also, Maria Rambueau (Carol’s best friend) and her daughter are great characters, they bring the emotions and feelings to the movie, so we can feel their connection with Danvers.

With the villains I can’t say too much, but I really liked how the kreeskrull war was developed in the movie.

So, was it a great movie? Yes,it was, I give it 8/10. We were able to see how amazing Captain Marvel was and there wasn’t need of sexualizing the character or giving her a forced love interest (even though many people think she is more than friends with Maria Rambeau), in this way the directors smashed superhero stereotypes.


I am sorry for my grammar mistakes, English is not my native language.

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Let's Talk About Captian Marvel
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Let's Talk About Captian Marvel
A short talk about the Marvel Cinematic Universe MCU'S most controversial movie, Which is lead by a woman, Captain Marvel.
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