10 Most Amazing Before and After body Transformations #GymMotivation

10 Most Amazing Before and After body Transformations

How many success stories do you have to see before you start working on your own?

 There is no way to control what other people do or say but you can change how you react to it.♥ Here we have shared with you the 10 Most Amazing Before and After body Transformations. 

Josephine Desgrand

 Josephine is living in Australia. She posted her #WeightlossJourney photos on her Instagram Profile. Here is one pic of Josephine at a start time and now in the year 2019. She was looking fat before but now she is a slim sexy lady. 


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 Shantel is a small town Idaho girl living a healthier life and empowering others to do the same! She is a big inspiration to others who want to lose weight. 

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 Sharing her Thoughts, She has weight over 300+ pounds. She has struggled with her weight most of her life. She has experienced and has been called names because of her weight. Did these insults make her want to lose weight… OF COURSE!
 Weight ridicule or “fat shaming” can make anyone try extreme weight loss solutions to appease people. However, sugar coating someone’s weight can be just as harmful to their health!. When her family would bring up her weight and how it was negatively affecting her, it was hard for her to hear but She listened!
 When her doctor told her that she was pre-diabetic and if something didn’t change she would be a diabetic, she listened. If someone does express concern and is honest with you, it means they care! She has come to feel that loving herself and desiring to change herself are two sentiments that should be able to peacefully coexist!
 Saying more for motivation, Love yourself and others, and push yourself to be the happiest and healthiest as possible ❤️

Desiree Mize @wokeuplikedez

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 Mize is a Ventura, California girl. She has the Highest Weight 298 LBS but now her current Weight is under 149 LBS

   Saying about her #weightlossjourney, she has reached her first goal weight of 150! But It’s funny because she thought that once she reached that weight she would be so happy with herself and feel “done”.

 She really would like to start building some muscle💪🏼 losing 150 pounds has left her with loose skin on her belly so now she really needs to focus on working out her core more as well! THANK GOD FOR SPANKS!!!
 She is so excited for 2019 and all these mini goals she is about to start working towards.


JESSDUKES @mrsdukesfitspo

 Jess is living in Washington, US. She is a wife and a mom of a boy, a blonde woman. She always motivates others with her pictures and quotes to make a change in their life. See her how amazing she looks now- 


CRISTY @curvy_fit_

 Cristy is a Florida Girl. She has the highest weight 273 lbs and after losing her weight is around 162 lbs. She is now a Bodybuilder motivator and an athlete. 

  Saying in her picture she said, December month has been a roller coaster for her in all areas of life- her eating, workouts, emotionally, physically, everything really! •and she wanted to say Thank You!• Thank You to Instagram fam!
 Saying more to her fans she said, “You’ve shown me support and love constantly. 💕 I know there are multiple women I can message right now and they would be there for me. This community is so amazing! I’m beyond grateful i decided to step out of my comfort zone, make my profile public, and share my journey.🖤 iLoveYou all!


Leidy J Gomez R @leidygfitness

    She is a Spanish Girl. Most of in her life, she has been abused, since childhood and adolescence, she has struggled with being overweight.
 She tried, by all means, to go down in weights, pills, exercise, fat burners … she did everything and nothing seemed to work.

 What worked for her? Changing in her lifestyle! she began to improve her eating habits, she learned to eat healthy and balanced without counting calories or dieting, she returned to exercise and little by little her body was changing and showing its gratitude by recovering her health, energy and losing fat.
 she learned that a real, healthy and sustainable change is created based on good habits! ➡️ There is no diet that works if you do not adapt to a healthy lifestyle.


Madison Rose @madison.rose.castle

205lbs vs 135lbs, 5’10″~~~


Motivational Story:

  She gets a message every day asking about confidence. Confidence really isn’t something anyone can give you, someone can’t just tell you your worth it and then you magically believe it. Confidence is something you have to give to yourself. You have to realize how amazing you are. You have to know your own worth because you are all beautiful and amazing in some way shape or form. Confidence is when you tell yourself, my opinion of myself matters more than everyone else’s opinions of me, that you need to be the you that your moat happy with. 
 She can’t give you confidence, the only one that can is you. You, yes… You can tell yourself that you are worth it because confidence is believing in yourself and not being afraid of what others might think. Pleasing others is something we always want to do, and there is nothing wrong with that, but change yourself for you. Don’t listen to all the people that try to bring you down and hurt you. Everyone struggles with it, she herself didn’t even have perfect confidence, there is no one way we should be. You need to be happy with yourself.

Erica Leigh @sweet_pea_leigh

 Now 119 lbs
  she struggled with anxiety and depression and, at her worst, all she wants to do is sleep. It will be easy to slip back into that habit once she is healthy again.



Elena @thestairlady

She is living in Houston, Tx.
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Brittany Williams @instantloss 


 Saying about this picture she said,   “These were my very first pair of goal shorts. In the photo on the left I’d already lost about 60-70 pounds and I felt like a whole new woman! I was in high school when I stopped wearing shorts.
 Even in the heat of the summer I’d layer tank tops and wear leggings under summer dresses. My legs have always been one of my greatest insecurities. But these shorts made me feel good about myself. I’m actually a little sad that they don’t fit anymore but I love what they represent. ❤️”

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