TamilRockers – What is it? How they income? How Can I Find the website?


TamilROckers – TamilRockersMovies – Latest Films – TV Shows – Web-series – Leaked movies online – What is it? How do they operate? How to open the website? How do they income and make money?

TamilRockers – Movie – TV Show Piracy Website – What is it? How do they operate? – General FAQ

Tamilrockers is a piracy website where you get full of copyrighted content such as latest films, latest television shows, web series, music videos, and mostly south Indian films.

What is Tamilrockers? Who are running it?

TamilRockers now running as [TamilRockersMovies] is a bootleg recording network that uploads latest Indian films as well as Hollywood films, and mostly Tamil films, soon after its release like within an hour or two. The Government of Tamil Nadu once blocked the website, but the site administrators created a new website.

How do they operate?

The TamilRocker‘s team members do not reveal itself to anyone and work anonymously. Nearly every Indian and Tamil films are uploaded on the TamilRockers website. TamilRockers even declared war against the Tamil Nadu government.

More news on Tamilrockers that the highest grossing Indian film Baahubali 2: The Conclusion was online on TamilRockers just hours after films release on 28th April 2017.

Some members of Tamilrockers were arrested in December 2016. It is still working with a lot of websites as it is blocked by the Department of Telecommunication, India.

How Tamilrockers generate income? How do they make money?

Well for these type of websites filesharing is the main original intent of the internet, long before it was co-opted by greedy corporations. Most torrent trackers have a legion of hard-working volunteers and survive on donations.

These trackers are only some lists of files. They are the members that actually upload and seed the files which are most of the hard work.

Just think how much better they would be if the industry decided to legalize and help with all those efforts. They would make the chaos of Youtube look like the Pacific Gyre in comparison.

Why is the government not taking any actions on websites like TamilRockers and Movierulz which provide pirated movies?

It is because copyright law is generally in civil courts, not prosecuted by the police. Content owners have to use civil courts and sue, demanding an injunction, which then shuts down the website. But movie studios have to play Whack-a-mole with the constant replacement websites that pop up every time one is shut down.

How to Open TamilRockers Website? Where is the Tamilrockers Movie downloading website?

Unfortunately, the Indian government has banned TamilRockers over on the internet. But still, they rise again with a new website. You can hardly find tamilrockers website all you will find about their news and stories.

But we have a trick you can actually find them easily. All you need a VPN service (Virtual Private Network) app or anything like that. Just change the country IP of your internet and then type the keyword on Google as “Tamilrockers” and you will find their main website surely at ranked one or two.

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